Nintendo Switch Online December 2018 NES Releases

The December 2018 Nintendo Switch Online NES update has hit and we get three new games added to the catalog and SP versions for two existing games. The new titles are Adventures of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden, and Wario’s Woods. The previously released Dr Mario and Metroid both get SP versions,

This is a pretty cool month for me as I have not tried Adventures of Lolo or Wario’s Woods before. I’ve really been enjoying the NES releases so far and I’m looking forward to coordinating some online multiplayer time with some friends from out of town over the holidays.

In the meantime, my sons and I have been exploring the titles released so far and it’s been a blast. I can remember seeing so many of these games on the store shelves growing up but never having a chance to try them out. Catchy box art for games like Adventures of Lolo and Mighty Bomb Jack would grab my eye and tempt my imagination. Now I have a chance to not only try them for myself, but to enjoy them with my kids.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Nintendo has in store for their 2019 offerings. The NES catalog is deep with a lot of hidden gems. There shouldn’t be any problem with continuing to find more excellent additions to the Switch Online service.

What are some of the titles you are looking forward to in 2019? What are your favorites that have been released in 2018? Comment below.