3 Ninjas Kick Back – The Sega Genesis Challenge

It’s a movie crossover game with ninjas. But they’re kids. And one is named Tum-Tum. It doesn’t get any better from there.

I vaguely remember bits of the story for 3 Ninjas Kick Back. I don’t remember being particularly interested in the movie then and I can say that playing the game now has not done anything for that feeling.

The game itself is a pretty straightforward side scrolling beat’em up/platformer with the three characters available to play: Tum-Tum, Colt, and Rocky. Each of the three plays very similarly, but they do wield unique weapons that allow for some slightly different special moves.

The controls consist of a standard Attack for the A Button (melee if enemy is next to you, ranged if available), Jump for B Button, and a Bomb for the C Button (if any have been picked up). The Bomb in particular caught me off guard for a game about Ninjas, but the more I think about it the more it seems somewhat appropriate. The characters are fairly acrobatic with the ability to swing from vines, hand on ledges, and somersault from branch to branch.

The initial stages of the first level serve as a test by your grandfather of your ninja skills. From there the levels take you through multiple environments while fighting evil ninja and violent wildlife. There is a checkpoint system at certain points in each stage to limit the replay needed when you inevitably die from a massive rolling boulder or spikes in the ground.

The graphics and music are fairly mediocre with nothing to really stand them apart. Honestly, the most memorable aspect of the game was the fact that one of the characters is named Tum-Tum. That poor kid.

Overall this is a title that you can pass on and there is nothing particularly unique about it that would make me recommend anyone give it a try. The only exception to that would be true fans of the movie who might get some enjoyment out of playing one of the three characters.