Dark City Games New Official YouTube Channel

One of my favorite publishers, Dark City Games, has recently setup an official YouTube channel and I couldn’t be more thrilled. DCG founder George Dew provides the voiceover and takes us through a series of bite-sized videos that are perfect for a quick playthrough on your phone or pc.

Kicking off the content offering is a playlist of tutorials walking through the Legends of the Ancient World ruleset. This is perfect for first time players and will be a great resource for a quick watch as you prep your party of characters for an adventure.

In addition to the tutorials, George posted the first release pipeline video earlier today. In it he gives us a sneak peak at the artwork for a pair of upcoming adventures in their line of westerns, a teaser for a new Bret Winters fantasy scenario, and a new wargame based on Operation Barbarossa.

Check out my overview of Dark City Games on my Solo Roleplaying Game Resources page for more great information about this company.


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