Legends of the Ancient World RPG and Dark City Games

When it comes to solo roleplaying games, Legends of the Ancient World (LAW) tops my list. It is a rules light system that captures the fundamentals of The Fantasy Trip while streamlining some of the more complex combat options. This pairs nicely with the fun programmed adventures offered by Dark City Games and makes for an enjoyable solo or group play experience.

This month has seen the release of a brand new fantasy adventure for LAW titled “Uprising” by the amazing Bret Winters. I have enjoyed many of Bret’s previous adventures and the content shared to his blog, “Swords Under Distant Suns”, so I am quite eager to play his latest adventure.

While waiting for my order to arrive in the mail, I decided to pull out another adventure from the LAW line-up and kick off a campaign with my youngest. Looking through the adventures I’ve collected so far, we settled on “The Oracle’s Breath” to start things off and set to work creating characters. This is where the LAW ruleset really shines. Within 15 minutes I was able to explain the core rules and help roll up a character. Within a couple of combat encounters in the adventure, my youngest was making decisions and rolling results without assistance. Together we’ve made it half way through the adventure and look forward to wrapping it up tonight.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Legends of the Ancient World then I highly recommend that you do so. Dark City Games has both the rules and a pair of introductory scenarios available as free downloads on the site, so there is no reason not to give it a shot. Happy gaming!

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