Legends of the Ancient World RPG Free Downloads

Dark City Games just uploaded a ton of free downloadable content to their site over the past few days and I’m loving it. A total of eight sets of player/npc/monster game pieces and five sets of tiles have been uploaded so far and I hope to see more to come soon. I’m especially enjoying the tiles as I feel like you can never have too many full-color tiles ready to build an encounter.

Dark City Games Free Downloads

One of my favorite things about the adventures from Dark City Games are the bundled map and tokens. The DCG games introduce a diverse variety of foes to encounter and each game includes tokens to represent all of the antagonists for that adventure. There is something about moving the full color tokens around the battlefield that just makes me happy. That is why I’m so pleased to see these releases by DCG. This current batch of game pieces is in the style of the classic Cardboard Heroes folding standups. Here’s hoping that we will get to see a set released in the token style as well soon.

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