Painting, Writing, and More – Week in Review 9/13/2020

Welcome to The Alfred Effect Week in Review for the week ending September 13, 2020.

Blog News

  • Due to prior commitments, the Elder Minion and I were unable to spend very much time with our Star Wars RPG mini-campaign this week. We did manage to wrap up Episode 1 and complete all of Episode 2 of Strike Force: Shantipole. We’re looking forward to playing catch-up a bit this week and hope to finish the remainder of the scenario before deciding which module we wish to tackle next. Stay tuned!

Double Tome Studios

  • We’re now live on! You can find all of our releases here:
  • Work on “Embers in the Forest” continues. The area map creation is nearly complete and the introduction, background, and initial encounters are all written. The subsequent encounters are all outlined and just need to be fleshed out along with some sidebars.
  • Our fourth entry in the Items of Adventure series is now live. You can check out the “Hunt Lord’s Helm” now on DriveThruRPG and Open Gaming Store links coming soon.

Hunt Lord's Helm cover


  • Star Wars Imperial Assault family night was awesome as we played the story mission “Incoming”. This was my first opportunity to play with the HK Assassin Droids and I managed to get them on the board turn 4. One round of combat was all it took for the players to realize that these were not droids to take lightly, especially when IG-88 showed up for turn 5. Thankfully the group managed to wrap the objectives and escape before the end of the turn. Once again they slipped through IG-88’s clutches!

Star Wars Imperial Assault play 09132020


  • Another productive Saturday morning as I was able to complete the AT-DP, sentry droids, and death troopers.
  • For bonus points, I finished assembling some Warhammer Warcry terrain and a Warhammer 40k Ork kit that was partially finished from years ago. Woohoo!
  • Next up in the queue will be the SC2-M Repulsor Tank and the Heavy Stormtroopers.

Star Wars Imperial Assault painting 09132020

Content Spotlight

  • I’m making an effort to expand my horizons a bit each week and discover other gaming blogs or great sources of content. To that end, I will be featuring one or more different sites each week for you to check out and add to your own list of content to follow.
  • Cybe’s Website is the internet home of author and game designer Alison “Cybera” Cybe, an award-nominated fantasy and horror author with multiple books and short story publications under their belt. They work as a freelance writer for tabletop RPG publishers, where credits include fiction for Green Ronin and Paizo, and adventures created for Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest (by Chaosium) and the upcoming Stargate RPG (by Wyvern).
  • I discovered their site this past week via Twitter post sharing details of their Fighting Fantasy playthoughs. I was immediately hooked and the Fighting Fantasy series is one that I’ve not yet had the chance to dive into personally, so new content is always amazing.
  • From the main page: In 1982, Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, founders of Games Workshop, released the book ‘The Warlock of Firetop Mountain’. Intended as an introduction to tabletop role-playing games of the era, the book’s choose-your-own-adventure format mixed with simple dice-based combat proved massively successful, giving rise to a full series of books – Fighting Fantasy. With over 70 books in the series by a legion of authors and illustrators, the series’ legacy continues to this day. Come along with us as Cybe and co play through each one – with no prior knowledge, no hints or walkthroughs and no cheating!
  • An impressive 62 out of 73 Fighting Fantasy adventures have been documented so far. That is a lot of adventuring!

Currently Reading

Upcoming Week

  • Wrap up (hopefully) Strike Force: Shantipole.
  • Continue working through the next batch of painting for Star Wars Imperial Assault.
  • Select next title for the Items of Adventure line.
  • Continue fleshing out the details for “Embers in the Forest”.

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