Shadowrun, Solo RPGs, and Star Wars Imperial Assault – Week in Review 8/16/2020

Welcome to The Alfred Effect Week in Review for the week ending August 16, 2020.

Blog News

  • We wrapped our third game session for the Shadowrun 6th World mini-campaign as part of the Tabletop RPG Sampler project. This week we kicked off our playthrough of the Free Seattle scenario and had a blast role-playing through the first few missions. I did have to completely rework one mission due to the mature nature of the content, but we were able to continue making some solid progress.
  • I kicked off a new page on the site dedicated to cataloging resources for solo roleplaying. The first game I’ve added is for Legends of the Ancient World by Dark City Games. I definitely recommend checking them out for a really fun, tactical system with enjoyable programmed adventures.

Double Tome Studios

  • This was an exciting week as my wife and I took the plunge into the world of tabletop rpg publishing with the launch of Double Tome Studios.
  • We are kicking things off with a new series called Items of Adventure.
  • Each of these TTRPG supplements will add an engaging new item to your game world. Included is a detailed description along with 3 story hooks and 3 plot threads to mix and match. These provide ready-made ways to introduce the item and plots to further the story.
  • Our first title is The Ember Gate, a mysterious tome with a connection to fire.
  • Our second title release this week is The Severed Tentacle, a disturbing staff with a dark past.


  • The Elder Minion ran us through the next chapter of their GURPS Jurassic/Extraterrestrial/Mythos campaign. We had a blast taming a t-rex, defeating advanced robot guardians, and acquiring mech suits for our cavemen. I never know what to expect with each session.
  • Star Wars Imperial Assault family night was a blast as we ran through Chewbacca’s mission, “Celebration”. The players were able to hold off the Imperials until the end of turn 5, thus securing a Rebel victory.

Star Wars Imperial Assault play 08152020


  • I continued to work through painting figures for Imperial Assault with a focus on those needed to run the next mission.
  • This week I managed to finish one of the characters as well as Chewbacca and the Royal Guard (to be used in an upcoming mission).
  • Up next will be one of the other characters (to be determined) and the two units of Snowtroopers.

Star Wars Imperial Assault painting 08152020

Currently Reading

  • I’m making an effort to get back to reading for pleasure and decided to revisit one of my favorite fiction settings, Battletech.
  • To kick things off, I’m diving into the first of the Battlecorps anthologies simply titled “The Corps”. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the setting and catching up on the stories, both new and old.

Upcoming Week

  • Complete the Shadowrun mini-campaign and post the final write-up for it.
  • Reveal the next RPG system to be tackled for the Tabletop RPG Sampler project.
  • Paint some more Star Wars Imperial Assault.
  • Work on the next title for the Items of Adventure line.
  • Continue fleshing out the details for my first adventure module.
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