Shadowrun Wrap Up, RPG Writing – Week in Review 8/23/2020

Welcome to The Alfred Effect Week in Review for the week ending August 23, 2020.

Blog News

  • We wrapped up our fourth and final game session for the Shadowrun 6th World mini-campaign as part of the Tabletop RPG Sampler project. This week saw the finale of the Free Seattle scenario and saw pretty hairy moments of intense action plus role-playing.
  • The Elder Minion and I will be kicking off the next game in our series this coming week. The new system will be West End Games Star Wars RPG. This is a system that I have many fond memories of looking over at the game store but have never had a chance to play.

Double Tome Studios

  • This was a busy week working on writing and getting some organizational items put together.
  • Our second title, The Severed Tentacle, is part of the DriveThruRPG annual Cthulhu Mythos sale running now, which is very exciting.
  • I’ve submitted our third title, The Serpent’s Shadow, for listing on DriveThruRPG. Hoping to have that approved and listed shortly.
  • We are in the process of getting setup with the Open Gaming Store so you will be able to find our products there as well.
  • I am working on the first adventure in a companion series to Items of AdventureMy plan is to take one of the story hooks and one of the plot threads presented in the Items of Adventure supplement and build out a whole adventure around it. I will then focus on alternating releases between the two product lines in what I hope is a fairly regular release schedule.


  • Work kept me pretty busy with some after hours assignments so I wasn’t able to get in as much gaming as I would have liked.
  • Star Wars Imperial Assault family night was a blast as always as we ran through the story mission, “Imperial Hospitality”. It was a close call with the players managing the complete both the side objective and get the prisoner out while keep Imperial forces bottled up in a side room. This was our first time playing with a unit of Royal Guard and they were TOUGH.

Star Wars Imperial Assault play 08222020


  • I wasn’t able to get much painting done this week, but did manage to complete one of the characters we are using, Verena Talos.
  • I did get a start on the two units of Snowtroopers and will aim to wrap them up this week as they will be featured in our next mission.

Star Wars Imperial Assault painting 08222020

Currently Reading

  • One of the things I enjoy most about anthologies is that you can finish a full story in a single session. I do most of my reading right before bed and it’s satisfying to be able to complete a full story in that time.
  • I’ve been able to ready through 6 of the stories in Battletech: “The Corps” so far and I’m having a blast.
  • I ordered a copy of “How to Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck” from Goodman Games and have made my way through the first couple of sections so far. This is proving to be a very insightful read, especially as I continue to work on more projects for Double Tome Studios.

Upcoming Week

  • Kick off the character creation and initial setup session for the WEG Star Wars RPG.
  • Try to continue painting some more Star Wars Imperial Assault.
  • Work on the next title for the Items of Adventure line.
  • Continue fleshing out the details for my first adventure module.
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