Dark City Games - Echoes of the Old Ones module

Solo Roleplaying Game Resources

Some of my fondest memories have been made around the game table, rolling dice with my friends. Getting the group together for Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder is always a blast. But that isn’t always an option, and for those times when you may not be able to game with others or perhaps just wish to experience a story yourself, solo roleplaying games are an excellent option.

This page is a living document. I will continually update with new games and systems across a variety of genres as I explore the various solo roleplaying game systems on the market. Check back often for more updates and feel free to hit me up on Twitter with your recommendations as well.

Game Systems:

1. Legends of the Ancient World – Dark City Games

Legends of the Ancient World is a rules-lite retroclone of The Fantasy Trip. It is a fast-paced system that gives the players the ability to play as either a warrior hero or a wizard with an emphasis on tactical combat. The rules are only 8 pages long and are a free download on the Dark City Games website.

While not specifically a dedicated solo system itself, it absolutely supports that play and Dark City Games serves up a number of programmed adventures with that in mind. There are even modules and rules for sci-fi and western genres as well if those are more to your taste. The modules are a blast to play through and all come packaged with a fold-out map and a sheet of card-stock counters to use during combat. Each module also includes a full copy of the Legends of… rules printed in the back for reference.

Dark City Games - Echoes of the Old Ones module



1. Random Tables

When running or prepping for a solo rpg session, random tables can be a great source of ideas and inspiration for your story. There are many, many great random tables out there to choose from. I’ve started a list below of some of my favorite from printed sources.

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