Star Wars RPG, Imperial Assault, and More – Week in Review 9/6/2020

Welcome to The Alfred Effect Week in Review for the week ending September 6, 2020.

Blog News

  • The Elder Minion and I continued our Star Wars RPG mini-campaign this week, diving into the first episode of Strike Force: Shantipole. We are having an absolute blast playing so far and the Rules Update booklet included in Strike Force: Shantipole has helped smooth over a few of our initial bumps with combat.

Double Tome Studios

  • I’m reviewing the artwork and working to prioritize the next “Items of Adventure” release. I’ve been bouncing around a bit from idea to idea, with notes started for at least five different items and art for a dozen more beyond that. I have some time to dedicate towards project work soon so I’m hoping to wrap up one or two of these in short order.
  • Works continues on our first adventure model and I have a solid outline in place that I’m beginning to write out into the appropriate sections. This week we announced the name and shared the cover. I give you, “Embers in the Forest”.

Embers in the Forest Cover


  • Star Wars Imperial Assault family night was very special this week as we made our way through the Elder Minion’s character side mission, “Loose Cannon”. This was a real treat as the character Mak Eshka’rey gets to start the mission off piloting the AT-ST!!! It was a tough battle for the first few rounds as the Royal Guard Champion carved chunks out of the walker, but the players were able to gain the upper hand and wipe the board by the end of turn 5.

Star Wars Imperial Assault play 09062020


  • Saturday mornings seem to be my new painting time and this week was especially productive.
  • I was able to knock out the AT-ST, Royal Guard Champion, and the Elder Minions character, Mak Eshka’rey.
  • For bonus points, I also knocked out all four HK-series Assassin Droids. Woohoo!
  • With all three active characters painted as well as most of the required figures needed for the rest of the campaign scenarios, I’m going to start focusing on units from the later expansions that I might take as optional reinforcements.
  • Next up in the queue will be the AT-DP, sentry droids, and death troopers.

Star Wars Imperial Assault painting 09062020

Content Spotlight

  • I’m making an effort to expand my horizons a bit each week and discover other gaming blogs or great sources of content. To that end, I will be featuring one or more different sites each week for you to check out and add to your own list of content to follow.
  • Swords Under Distant Suns is sword and sorcery blog run by Bret Winters of Dark City Games. Bret is the author of numerous adventures for Dark City Games including one of my favorites, “Echoes of the Old Ones“. His blog features a number of great write ups on fantasy authors both past and present, game reviews, the MegaDungeon Faction Alphabet, and the amazing Greywater Chronicles, a photo documentary of his home campaign told in a comic book format. I am always amazed at the attention to detail that he puts into the terrain and I can’t wait for each issue of the Greywater Chronicles to be posted.

Currently Reading

Upcoming Week

  • We will be diving into our initial WEG Star Wars RPG session.
  • Working on the next batch of painting for Star Wars Imperial Assault.
  • Knock out some more writing for the next title in the Items of Adventure line.
  • Continue fleshing out the details for “Embers in the Forest”.
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