Star Wars RPG Kickoff, More RPG Writing – Week in Review 8/30/2020

Welcome to The Alfred Effect Week in Review for the week ending August 30, 2020.

Blog News

  • The Elder Minion and I kicked off our Star Wars RPG mini-campaign this week and had a blast rolling some dice in a galaxy far, far away.

Double Tome Studios

  • Our third title, The Serpent’s Shadow, is now live on both DriveThruRPG and Open Gaming Store.
  • We are now live on the Open Gaming Store so go check us out!
  • Work is continuing to progress with my first module. I’ve got a solid outline that I’ve refined a bit more this past week. Ready to start fleshing things out, but I’ve found some excellent battle maps to include. I’m still trying to determine what rule sets to support. I would like to release for three different rule systems with 5e being one. Investigating other rule sets that have open gaming license and compatibility license options, particularly indie games. More to come, but feel free to drop me a note on Twitter or in the comments below with your thoughts.


  • In addition to the Star Wars RPG kickoff, I was able to get in a session of the very excellent Field Commander: Alexander by Dan Verssen Games. This was a blast to play as a solo wargaming experience and I can’t wait to work my way through the additional scenarios.
  • Star Wars Imperial Assault family night was a blast as always as we ran through the story mission, “Imperial Hospitality”. It was a close call with the players managing the complete both the side objective and get the prisoner out while keep Imperial forces bottled up in a side room. This was our first time playing with a unit of Royal Guard and they were TOUGH.

Star Wars Imperial Assault play 08302020


  • I was able to sit down for a solid painting session Saturday morning and managed to complete several miniatures.
  • Both units of Snowtroopers were finished and saw some game time during our Saturday night family game session.
  • Luke Skywalker, Hero of the Rebellion, is ready to go as he is currently available as an ally for the group.
  • Finally, IG-88 is now available to me as villain to recruit as the group opted not to complete the side mission I added to the mix after last week’s session. I’m excited to add him in as kind of a recurring villain to pop in at the last second each mission to shoot at a the group a couple of times as they are finishing.
  • Next up on the to-do list is the Royal Guard Champion, the AT-ST, and our third player character.

Star Wars Imperial Assault painting 08302020

Content Spotlight

  • I’m making an effort to expand my horizons a bit each week and discover other gaming blogs or great sources of content. To that end, I will be featuring one or more different sites each week for you to check out and add to your own list of content to follow.
  • The Roleplay Rescue Blog – Home of the DM’s Diary Podcast series as well as great articles on GURPS, Traveller, Solo Roleplaying, and RPGs in general. Che Webster works hard to create an open and accepting community centered on gaming. His passion comes through in both his blog posts and podcast episodes and I absolutely recommend checking him out.

Currently Reading

Upcoming Week

  • We will be diving into our initial WEG Star Wars RPG session.
  • Working on the next batch of painting for Star Wars Imperial Assault.
  • Kick off writing for the next title in the Items of Adventure line.
  • Continue fleshing out the details for my first adventure module.
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