Star Wars RPG Part 3 – Mid-Campaign Recap

The Adventure Continues

Our second session picked up with the group arriving at Commander Akbar’s command post in a spectacular fashion (i.e. crashing their freighter in the landing bay) and getting a lay of the land. Along the way the group had their first encounter with the Verpine species and befriended one of their engineers, Suskafoo. The group also earned the enmity of Akbar’s second in command, a Quarren named Salin Glek.

Per their orders, the team hand delivered the encoded disk entrusted to them by Rebel command to Commander Akbar himself. The recording indicated that the Akbar’s project was compromised and that he, the prototype starfighter data, and the prototypes themselves should evacuate the system immediately.

In appropriately dramatic fashion, alarms immediately go off as the base is attacked by Imperial forces. The group managed to hold off several waves of stormtroopers and were able to evacuate the base with some of the prototype data, Commander Akbar, and Suskafoo. In the process of fleeing the scene the group discovered that their ship had been taken and thus they had to resort to escape shuttles to break free.

The group soon learned that the situation was even more dire as the production facility on Shantipole had also fallen, leaving the Imperials in control of the starfighter data and the two prototypes that have been constructed. Akbar emphasized the gravity of the situation and that the data and prototypes must either be recovered or destroyed. The Rebel Alliance cannot afford for them to remain in Imperial hands.

Star Wars RPG Strike Force Shantipole

New stuff learned:

  • It is absolutely heartbreaking when a 4D skill check fails an Easy difficulty (target number 5) test.
  • Stormtrooper armor makes them surprisingly resilient to blaster pistols.
  • Focusing fire may help take a target down faster, but when there are many enemies it is best to stun more of them than take out a single one.
  • There is no shame in running away.

The plot thickens…

The group ended the second session with few resources and a suicide mission to infiltrate Shantipole to recover or destroy the prototypes. Commander Akbar and Suskafoo the Verpine were on hand to assist, but it would be up to the group to pull this off.

For our next session the group will be planning and executing a strategy to infiltrate Shantipole and recover (hopefully) the prototypes. The clock is ticking as an Imperial blockade is slowly squeezing out the Verpine in the asteroid belt. The team is under intense pressure to get in before the Imperial attack force solidifies their hold on the asteroid base.


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