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Dungeon Fantasy RPG Part 4 – Campaign Wrap-up

The Final Battle Approaches Our fourth, and final, session of Dungeon Fantasy RPG kicked off with a brief foray to finish exploring the last few rooms from a side passage before the group set off towards the final unexplored route. The adventure was doing a great job of establishing the latent threat, but we were starting to tire of some of the encounters and decided to skip past a few to focus on what had to be the final encounter. The culmination of the adventure was a solid combat session that tested the limits of the group without pushing things

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Dungeon Fantasy RPG Part 3 – Mid-Campaign Recap

The Adventure Continues We kicked off our second session by introducing a new character to the group, the gnome thief Puddin’ Noddington. The Elder Minion was now managing three characters, but was eager to jump back in to the story. This session featured a number of new mechanics that we haven’t worked with before in addition to some exciting combat. There were opportunities to test against some of Puddin’s thief skills along with encountering the effects of disease and magic curses. Even our combats were learning experiences as we continued to become more familiar with the tactical rules elements. New

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Dungeon Fantasy RPG Part 2 – First Session

First Session With the Elder Minion’s two characters picked out and the adventure prepped, we kicked off our first session of the Dungeon Fantasy Role Playing Game. Starting off our playthough, the Elder Minion will be running two player characters and I will be gamemastering. As a reminder, we will be starting with the adventure from the core set entitled “I Smell a Rat” with the action taking place in Nordlond, mini-campaign setting outlined in the Hall of Judgment sourcebook.   Campaign Backstory To keep things simple, we established that Sir Yvor Gryffyn (Human Knight) and Llandor the Gray (Elven Scout)

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Dungeon Fantasy RPG Part 1 – Setup

Background Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game is a streamlined version of the classic GURPS rule set by Steve Jackson Games with a focus on the fantasy dungeon crawl genre. While GURPS has long been known to be a rule system with the flexibility to cover a wide range of genres, it hasn’t always been known for dungeon crawls. The GURPS Dungeon Fantasy line of supplements were released to focus on this genre, but still required investment into the core GURPS rulebooks and other supplements, such as GURPS Fantasy and GURPS Magic, to take full advantage. Enter the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game

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TTRPG Starter Sets

The Tabletop RPG Sampler Kickoff

My first experience with a tabletop role-playing game was borrowing an AD&D first edition Player’s Handbook from a friend visiting from out of town. He helped me create my first character and ran me through a simple encounter against some goblins before having to leave. I used a spare composition notebook to jot down the details of my newly created ranger, named Finerion, and I absorbed as much as I could from that book over the next 2 weeks before I had to return it. I used every bit of money I earned over the next month mowing lawns to

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