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Happy days! The Hexagram #6, Adventures 2, and Old-School Monsters Kickstarter by Steve Jackson Games is in fulfillment and my copies arrived via FedEx earlier this week. I had a blast digging into the box of goodies and flipping through the new content. From what I’ve seen so far, the finished product continues to maintain the high level of quality that the SJG team has put in to each prior TFT release.

Flipping through the Adventures 2 hardcover, the very first scenario is titles “The Old School Adventure” and is designed as a combination of introductory adventure for new players to TFT as well as introducing a new party of adventurers to each other for the first time. This immediately inspired me and I was able to run the adventure for the Elder Minion and the Minor Minion to great success. No spoilers on the content of the adventure, but we had a blast and I only made some minor modifications to account for two 34 point characters rather than a group of four.

The Fantasy Trip Adventures 2

Both characters succeeded in surviving this first adventure. They are a little wiser, and a little wealthier, for the experience. After resting and healing their wounds, they plan to set off again for more adventure, perhaps exploring the area a bit further.

The Fantasy Trip is on my list of games for The Tabletop RPG Sampler project. I’m hoping to run this game on a regular basis for the Minions as a way to bring all of us together for some family game time. We have a wealth of excellent material for The Fantasy Trip from both Steve Jackson Games and Gaming Ballistic to try out. I cannot wait! Huzzah!

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